1. Why would you want this?

    It would allow you to work with Git repositories from directly inside Eclipse.

  2. Who should get this?

    Any coders who use Git for source code management and Eclipse for their IDE might be interested.

  3. Do I need Git and/or Eclipse already installed?

    Yes and yes. Get Git. Get Eclipse.

  4. Isn't using Subversion to host a Git oriented program a bit hypocritic?

    It does seem that way doesn't it! We chose subversion for the time being because some of the tools we are using for Gitclipse development (Eclipse, Crucible, Fisheye) do not yet interface with git repsitories. Once they do, we'll move over to Git ourselves. This is actually the very reason we started this project in the first place, so that we could use Eclipse and Git together easily and efficiently.

  5. Is this under active development?

    Extremely. Just check our logs to see how active we are:
    • svn log https://subversive.cims.nyu.edu/osp/gitclipse

  6. When will this be ready for a stable release?

    Check our news to keep track of release dates.

  7. How is this different from egit/jgit?
    We have a lot of respect for the egit/jgit project they have done a lot of good work. There are several things that differentiate us.

    • egit/jgit are being developed together as one project whereas our API is developed seperately by a different team of developers. This allows our development team to focus its efforts on its plug-in and not get hung up working on API issues.
    • Since our API isn't dedicated to our plug-in we are interested in making our plug-in work with multiple backends similar to how Subclipse handles multiple backends. This will give GitClipse added flexibility (jgit and GitClipse may one day work together!)
    • We put a great deal of emphasis on making GitClipse the easiest and best user experience possible from install all the way to removal. We provide as much documentation on our wiki as we can in order to meet this goal. Over time we hope to provide a more complete and overall better experience while providing the most flexibile Git functionality.

  8. How can I contribute?

    See our wiki's contributing article.

  9. Is this project directly related to Subclipse, Eclipse, or Javagit?

    Not really. These are all wholly independent projects. We did base some of our code on Subclipse and Eclipse and the copyright notices indicate this where appropriate. Javagit is our API layer and was developed in a parallel project to our own, but aside from our developers being closely linked the projects are independent.

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